Can’t Feel My Face Lyrics?

Can’t Feel My Face

The Weeknd

What does the song I can’t feel my face mean?

WHAT IT MEANS: “Can’t Feel My Face” is about COCAINE. Skip down to “The Meaning” section to see how! The song was produced by Max Martin of Taylor Swift fame, and is a departure from Abel Tesfaye’s (Weeknd’s real name) usual style which is generally overtly R&B.

Is the song I can’t feel my face about drugs?

The vocal range spans from E3 to E5. Multiple sources have interpreted the song to be about cocaine, including a reference by The Weeknd himself in “Reminder”: “I just won a new award for a kids show, Talking ’bout a face numbing off a bag of blow”.

Why can’t he feel his face when he’s with her?

The closest form of addiction the song fits is that of Cocaine. It has been widely suggested that it is really about the drug and its effects. The woman is actually a symbol for the drug, in this case Cocaine, and he can’t feel his face because his sense of feel is impaired when he’s high on the drug.