What Colors Make You Feel Happy?

What color makes people the happiest?


What colors make you feel what emotions?

The eLearning Color Guide: How To Evoke The RIGHT Emotion

  • Orange. It’s refreshing, energetic, and sparks creativity.
  • Blue. The color of peace, calm, and serenity.
  • Yellow. Optimism, happiness, and energy perfectly sum up this joyful color.
  • Red. The color of urgency, passion, and excitement.
  • Brown.
  • Green.
  • Pink.
  • Purple.

What color attracts positive energy?


What is the most depressing color?

Top 10 Most Depressing Colors

  1. Gray. Gray is neutrality personified.
  2. Black. Eh, I don’t really find my skin color depressing. –
  3. Dark Blue. Dark blue?
  4. Dark Purple. I disagree; purple is almost never used to represent negativity and is associated with things like encouragement.
  5. Brown. Why is my hair depressing? –
  6. Beige.
  7. Maroon.
  8. Orange-Brown.