What Do Sore Kidneys Feel Like?

  • Pain in the kidneys is often described as a dull aching that is located deep within the right or left flank, or both sides, and it frequently becomes more severe when someone lightly taps the affected area.
  • Because the majority of diseases normally only affect one kidney, the discomfort that you feel is frequently localized to only one side of your back.
  • In the event that both kidneys are afflicted, the discomfort will be experienced on both sides.

Symptoms of Pain in the Kidneys A dull aching that is most of the time persistent. You may be experiencing pain below your rib cage or in your stomach. You are experiencing pain in your side; often only one side hurts, but sometimes both sides do. A strong or piercing pain that could come and go in waves.

Which side of the body does kidney pain come from?

They may feel pain in their right kidney, their left kidney, or both kidneys at the same moment. Alternatively, they could feel discomfort on only one side of their body. Pain in the kidneys might originate in either the center or the upper area of the back of a person.

How do you know if your kidneys are bad?

  • Additionally, people might experience kidney discomfort differently and react in a variety of ways.
  • Discomfort felt in the back It’s possible that a person’s kidneys are the source of discomfort they’re feeling in their middle to upper back if they’re also experiencing pain in their lower back.
  • Pain in the back that is caused by the kidneys might be a dull aching that is consistent, or it can be abrupt and intense.

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