What Does A Broken Sternum Feel Like?

How painful is a broken sternum?

However, when you’ve fractured your breastbone, breathing becomes painful. This pain normally gets worse when taking a deep breath, coughing, or laughing. Because of the muscles attached to the sternum, moving your arms and lifting heavy objects can also be uncomfortable.

Is a fractured sternum dangerous?

Complications. Complications from sternal fractures are frequently due to associated injuries. Displaced or unstable sternal fractures result in an increased risk of pulmonary injuries, pericardial effusions, rib fractures, and spinal compression fractures. Chest pain after the injury can persist for 8 to 12 weeks.

Can a cracked sternum heal?

The sternum is a long, flat bone in the centre of the chest. In most cases, a broken sternum will heal on its own. It can take 3 months or longer for the pain to go away. The doctor has checked you carefully, but problems can develop later.

How much force does it take to break a sternum?

However, it takes a surprising amount of force—about sixty pounds of it, to be exact—to compress a human chest that much.