What Does A Broken Thumb Feel Like?

Is my thumb broken or sprained?

A thumb sprain happens when you injure the tissues in your thumb that connect the bones in a joint. A thumb sprain is much less serious than a broken thumb because the ligament or bone isn’t broken or torn. A broken bone or a torn ligament may require more long-term treatment.

How can you tell if you dislocated your thumb?


  • your finger joint looks crooked or misshapen.
  • your finger bone appears dislodged, such as sticking out to one side.
  • you have swelling and bruising around the joint.
  • you have pain around the joint.
  • you are unable to move your finger.

How do you know if you have a broken finger?

The main symptoms of a broken finger are pain immediately after the trauma, and sometimes a deformed finger. A true fracture usually will be painful, but a broken finger may still have some range of motion and dull pain, and the individual may still be able to move it.

How do I know if I tore a ligament in my thumb?

You may have bruising, tenderness, and swelling around the base of your thumb, near the palm. If the ulnar collateral ligament is completely torn, the end of the ruptured ligament may cause a lump or swelling on the inside of the thumb. Your thumb joint may also feel loose or unstable.

Can you still move your thumb if it is broken?

You may not always be sure the finger is broken and try to bend it. If it’s broken, doing so will usually be painful. Don’t be fooled if you can still move the finger. In some cases, there may still be some range of motion and only dull pain.

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How do you tape a thumb?

Thumb Taping | Thumb Tape Volleyball and Basketball (and sports

How do you wrap a broken thumb?

Thumb Taping | Tape Your Own Thumb for Volleyball, Basketball

How do I put my thumb back in socket?

Thumb Dislocation Reduction –