What Does A Morphine Overdose Feel Like?

If you continue to misuse morphine while experiencing very severe symptoms, such as those stated above, you might put your life in danger by ignoring them.In the event that an overdose happens, you will most likely experience all of the symptoms that were discussed before, in addition to the following three: A sensation of chilliness or dampness on the skin.a bluish cast to the tips of the fingers and the lips.

What happens if you overdose on morphine?

Overdose can cause a variety of symptoms, including a slowed heart rate, extreme sleepiness, muscular weakness, coldness and clamminess of the skin, pinpoint pupils, extremely slow breathing, or even coma.Morphine is a medicine that has been licensed by the FDA for the treatment of pain; nevertheless, the use of this medication is associated with dangerous and occasionally life-threatening negative effects; this is true even when the medication is used as directed.

What are the symptoms of a morphine high?

The Signs and Symptoms of Being High on Morphine 1 Pupils that are dilated. 2 Nodding off. 3 Speech that is slurred. 4 Inattention. 5 Your breathing is too shallow.

How do you know if someone you love is using morphine?

There are a few crucial indicators that you should keep an eye out for if you are concerned that someone you care about is using morphine. Keeping an eye out for certain behavioral manifestations of the short-term physiological consequences of morphine usage in a loved one might help you determine whether or not they are now high. These are the following:

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