What Does A Mucus Plug Feel Like?

When the mucus plug dislodges from your cervix it’s called the show, or a bloody show.

The jelly-like plug is often blood-tinged or streaked with old, brownish blood when it comes away.

Because it’s mucus, it can look like a stretchy blob of blood-streaked pale, creamy-pink snot!

How do you know if its discharge or mucus plug?

Many women experience vaginal discharge throughout pregnancy, so it can be difficult to determine when the mucus plug has been released from the cervix. However, a mucus plug can appear stringy or thick and jelly-like, unlike typical vaginal discharge. The mucus plug may also be clear, pink, or slightly bloody.

Can you feel your mucus plug forming?

In many cases, the passing will be evidenced by pieces of mucus found in the woman’s panties or bedsheets. Some women may not even notice it at all, because it was passed during urination or while showering. There is typically little, if any, pain when the mucus plug is passed.

What does a mucus plug look like?

For some women, the mucus plug comes out all at once. “It looks like a stretchy glob, similar to what may come out of your nose,” says Dr. Ward. “It can be clear, yellowish white, beige, brown or pink, or tinged with red or brown streaks of blood.”

Is it painful when you lose your mucus plug?

Losing your mucus plug means your body is preparing for delivery, but it’s important to also pay attention to what else is going on. If you’re 38 weeks pregnant or farther and the loss of your mucus plug is accompanied by labor pain, contractions or your water breaking, it’s go time!