What Does A Pregnant Cat Belly Feel Like?

Around the 30-day mark, pregnant cats start to develop a rounded, swollen abdomen — a sign that isn’t always so easy to spot.

“If your cat is overweight to begin with, her belly distension may be less noticeable but she will still gain weight due to pregnancy,” says Dr.


How does a pregnant cat’s belly feel?

Palpation of the Cat’s Abdomen: Your veterinarian may be able to feel your pregnant cat’s fetuses by palpating and gently pressing on her abdomen. This typically happens around the 17th to 20th day of pregnancy.

How long after a cat starts showing will she give birth?

Three weeks into the cat gestation period, felines show the first visible symptoms of pregnancy called pinking up. At this time the cat’s nipples become dark pink, sometimes red, and more noticeable against her usual pale abdomen coloring.

Do cats get clingy when your pregnant?

Allow for cuddling time

As the big day nears, your cat will become more affectionate and clingy. Young cats are often specifically anxious, especially during their first pregnancy. Don’t leave them alone too much. We receive so much affection from them – now is the time to give something back.

What does a cat’s nipples look like when pregnant?

Darkened nipples

At around three weeks, a pregnant cat’s nipples will become darker in color and enlarged. Veterinarians call this sign “pinking up,” which you can see on the cat in the picture below. You may also notice some milky discharge from the nipples, although cats don’t start producing milk until after birth.

What do cats do when they sense your pregnant?

During pregnancy, a woman experiences profound hormonal changes, producing much more estrogen, progesterone, and chorionic gonadotropin than normal. Cats and dogs have very refined senses of smell, and may pick up on these changes—even before a pregnancy test does. Dogs have been used to detect cancer in human breath.