What Does A Swollen Spleen Feel Like?

A common symptom of an enlarged spleen is a feeling of pain or discomfort in the upper left side of abdomen, where the spleen is located.

You might also experience a feeling of fullness after only eating a small amount.

This usually happens when the spleen becomes enlarged to the point that it presses on the stomach.

How can you tell if your spleen is enlarged?

Symptoms you may experience with an enlarged spleen include: pressure or pain in the left upper part of your abdomen (near the stomach), feeling full without eating a large meal, or pain your left shoulder blade or shoulder area when taking a deep breath.

What does a swollen spleen mean?

An enlarged spleen can be caused by infections, cirrhosis and other liver diseases, blood diseases characterized by abnormal blood cells, problems with the lymph system, or other conditions. Here are some common causes of an enlarged spleen: Infections. Viral infections, such as mononucleosis.

Can an enlarged spleen go back to normal size?

Depending upon the cause, the enlarged spleen may return to normal size and function when the underlying disease is treated or resolved. Commonly, in infectious mononucleosis, the spleen returns to normal as the infection gets better.

Can a swollen spleen heal on its own?

An enlarged spleen may even outgrow its own blood supply, which can damage or destroy sections of the organ.