What Does Back Labor Feel Like?

How do I know if it’s back labor?

Distinguishing back labor from back pain

  • Pain peaks with your contractions = back labor. Back labor will most often ebb and flow with contractions.
  • Feeling the pain when you’re actually in labor = back labor.
  • Other little aches not associated with labor or contractions = likely just normal back pain.

What causes back labor?

A frequent cause of back labor is the position of the baby. Positions such as occiput posterior (when a baby is facing the mother’s abdomen) can cause pressure from the baby’s head to be applied to the mother’s sacrum (the tailbone). The result can be intense discomfort during labor.

Can back labor be felt on one side?

During a contraction, the uterus will feel firm to the touch. You will notice a definite pressure change. Sometimes you may feel the baby move. ​​The uterus may feel firm on one side while the opposite side remains soft.

How can I relieve back labor?

To ease back pain during labor:

  1. Try massage. Ask your partner or labor coach to rub your lower back.
  2. Change positions. Straddle a chair and lean forward or kneel against a pile of pillows or a birthing ball.
  3. Consider medication. Epidural and spinal anesthesia can temporarily block pain in your lower body.
  4. Hydrotherapy.