What Does Crack Cocaine Make You Feel Like?

The user of crack cocaine has an acute and overwhelming sense of euphoria. When someone takes crack for the first time, they experience a rush that cannot be duplicated by repeated use. This is known as the ″initial high.″ Users often describe this as a sensation that cannot be compared to anything else that exists in the world.

What does a cocaine high feel like?

  • The effects that cocaine produces on the brain are responsible for the powerful and delightful sensations that a user feels when they are high on the substance.
  • Cocaine is a stimulant that works by preventing huge quantities of dopamine from escaping from the brain into the body.
  • When this takes place, the medicine causes the individual to have an enhanced sensation of health and well-being.

What are the signs and symptoms of crack addiction?

Immediate manifestations in the body Crack cocaine consumption can lead to a psychotic, overstimulated condition that is characterized by paranoia and obsessive behavior if the drug is used in excessive amounts. When the binge is over, the individual will often crash, experiencing symptoms such as tiredness, anxiety, despair, and increased desires for food.

What happens to cocaine users when they come down from the high?

Once cocaine users come down from the high that they experienced while high on cocaine, they may feel even worse about themselves than they did before, which can set them up for a cycle of taking cocaine to attempt to feel better, with the impact becoming increasingly short-lived with each use.

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