What Does It Feel Like To Astral Project?

During the process of astral projection, it is not unusual to get the sensation that your entire body is moving. It is possible that at times you will feel as though you are floating, and other times you will feel as though you are sinking. If you are sinking, you may experience a heaviness in your body as you sense that you are heading lower.

Oh, the grigs of love. The act of astral projection in and of itself is not at all harmful; rather, the danger is in the path that one chooses to pursue when engaging in this practice. There are positive and negative side effects, but generally speaking, the positive ones involve gaining knowledge of any kind or going beyond the limitations imposed by your body.

What happens when you go Astral in your body?

  1. The person’s entire body begins to have a numb sensation, and he is unable to move his arms or legs freely, despite the fact that he wants to do so.
  2. Nevertheless, because this is only a transient state, there is no reason to be concerned about it in any way.
  3. When the astral form is getting ready to separate from the physical one, the individual will become temporarily paralyzed in preparation for the transition.

Is there really such a thing as astral projection?

Astral projection as an objective reality is not supported by any of the scientific data that is currently available. There have been documented instances of individuals undergoing brain stimulation treatments and using hallucinogenic substances, such as ketamine, phencyclidine, and DMT, who have reported experiencing experiences that are consistent with astral projection.

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What to expect during astral projection?

  1. The majority of people who attempt to go to other dimensions report hearing a buzzing or humming sound.
  2. This can be a soft and soothing tone, similar to the buzzing sound made by a bee as it travels from blossom to flower, or it can become rather loud, giving the impression that you are traveling on a jet plane.
  3. Some people who claim to have experienced astral projection describe hearing a ″whooshing″ sound, as if they were flying through the air.

What is scary about astral projection?

  1. Teleport
  2. Introduce new entities
  3. Have Lucid sex
  4. Possess superhuman abilities

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