What Does It Feel Like To Have Adhd?

ADHD is a condition that both children and adults can have.

The symptoms include an inability to focus, being easily distracted, hyperactivity, poor organization skills, and impulsiveness.

Not everyone who has ADHD has all these symptoms.

They vary from person to person and tend to change with age.

What does it feel like to have inattentive ADHD?

It is a condition different from ADHD; however there are overlaps. People with SCT think and process information at a slower speed. Symptoms include brain fog, daydreaming, lethargy and moving slowly, all of which sound familiar to inattentive ADHDers.

Is ADHD really that bad?

ADHD even increases the risk for non-psychiatric disease such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Perhaps most worrisome is that people with ADHD have a small increased risk for premature death.

What are the nine symptoms of ADD?


  • Be disorganized.
  • Lack focus.
  • Have a hard time paying attention to details and a tendency to make careless mistakes.
  • Have trouble staying on topic while talking, not listening to others, and not following social rules.
  • Be forgetful about daily activities (for example, missing appointments, forgetting to bring lunch)

Is it ADHD or am I just lazy?

ADHD and Motivation Problems. Unfortunately, adults and children with ADHD are often labeled as unmotivated, lazy, or even apathetic. Instead of simple laziness or a lack of motivation, this “immobility” or “sluggishness” often reflects the impairments in executive function that can be associated with ADHD.