What Does Testicular Cancer Feel Like Symptoms?

An asymptomatic lump or enlargement on either of the testicles is one of the possible symptoms of testicular cancer.If detected at an early stage, a testicular tumor may be little bigger than a pea or a marble, but it has the potential to become considerably larger.Symptoms including pain, discomfort, or numbness in one or both testicles or the scrotum, together with or without the presence of swelling.

What are 5 warning signs of testicular cancer?

  1. If you encounter any of the following, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician: Scrotal enlargement, soreness, or other forms of discomfort
  2. A benign tumor or swelling that can develop in either testis and is often painless
  3. A painful or uncomfortable sensation in the testicle
  4. A shift in the sensation experienced by a testicle
  5. A feeling of heaviness or a dull discomfort in the lower abdomen or the groin

What does pain from testicular cancer feel like?

Your testicles or scrotum may feel achy or painful, and the discomfort may be constant or it may come and go. a sensation of weightiness in the area of your scrotum.

Where does it hurt if you have testicular cancer?

A testicle or the scrotum that is causing you discomfort or suffering Cancer of the testicles seldom causes any discomfort. But for other men, the first sign of the condition is a severe ache in the testicle or the scrotum.

Does testicular cancer hurt to touch?

Testicular cancer The vast majority of tumors are completely painless. In most cases, the lump will develop on the front or side of one of the testicles. It will frequently seem difficult, and the entire testicle can have a stiffer sensation than is typical.

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What is one of the first signs of testicular cancer?

In the majority of cases, the first sign of testicular cancer is the appearance of a lump on the testicle, or the testicle may swell up or grow in size. (It is very normal for one testicle to be somewhat bigger than the other, and it is also typical for one to dangle lower than the other.) Although testicular tumors can occasionally be painful, for the most part they are painless.

How can you test for testicular cancer at home?

  • Put your penis somewhere out of the way so you may look at your testicles one at a time.
  • Rolling your testicle lightly between your fingers while holding it between your thumbs and fingers with both hands is a good way to feel it out.
  • Examine and investigate your testicles for the presence of any hard lumps or nodules (smooth circular masses) as well as any changes in their size, shape, or substance.

Is testicular cancer painless?

Cancer of the testicles showing its symptoms A non-painful mass on or inside of a testicle is the most typical sign that a person has testicular cancer. Even in the absence of a lump, the testicle may occasionally swell up or get bigger.

How long can you have testicular cancer without knowing?

  • Extremely few guys who first had testicular cancer experienced any kind of discomfort.
  • A significant number of men do not discuss these warning flags with their primary care physician.
  • Before initiating conversation, it takes males around five months, on average.
  • It is imperative that you consult a urologist as soon as possible if you detect any of these symptoms since the tumor might spread during this time period.
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How do you check for testicular cancer?

Staging the cancer

  1. CT scan, which stands for computerized tomography. When you get a CT scan, a sequence of X-ray pictures of your belly, chest, and pelvis are taken.
  2. Blood testing. Your doctor can get a better idea of whether or not the cancer has spread to other parts of your body after removing your testicle by doing blood tests to search for raised tumor markers.

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