What Does Your G Spot Feel Like?

The G-spot is a sexually sensitive area that, when aroused, experiences a little enlargement that manifests as a raised or bumpy sensation. Even though every woman has this tissue, some of them enjoy having their G-spots touched, while others find the sensation uncomfortable. And many people report that there is no discernible change in feeling either way.

How does it feel to hit G-spot?

When compared to the acute or electrifying sensation that they experience from clitoral touch, the majority of women describe the sensation that they get from G-spot stimulation as being deep or interior. In a nutshell, you have most likely located your G-spot if any of this sounds similar to you.

How do I know it’s my G-spot?

According to Levine, the G-spot may be found in the majority of women around midway between the vaginal entrance and the cervix.If you don’t feel anything there, move your fingers toward the vaginal entrance or the cervix and try again.According to Levine, ″many women are afraid about urinating during G-spot stimulation because it creates a similar experience, like they need to urinate.″ ″Many women are scared about peeing during G-spot stimulation because it triggers a similar sensation,″

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