What Is The Minimum Voltage Of An Electrostatic Discharge (esd) That You Can Feel?

2000 volts

What is the voltage range in which ESD can affect components?

Device Sensitivity Classification

ESDS Component Sensitivity Classification – Human Body Model (ESD STM5.1-2007)
Class Voltage Range
Class 1A 250 volts to <500 volts
Class 1B 500 volts to < 1,000 volts
Class 1C 1000 volts to < 2,000 volts

4 more rows

At what voltage can you feel static electricity?

3,000 volts

How many volts is a static discharge?

For modelling the effect of static discharge on sensitive electronic devices, a human being is represented as a capacitor of 100 picofarads, charged to a voltage of 4000 to 35000 volts. When touching an object this energy is discharged in less than a microsecond.

Can electrostatic discharge hurt you?

The human body feels a shock when the voltage is higher than about 3,500 volts. The Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) from this voltage can cause pain. The discharge is not life threatening but it still hurts. The static electricity that concerns the electronics industry is the discharge that you can neither feel nor see.