What Might Cause A Child To Feel Inferior?

What are the symptoms of an inferiority complex?

Symptoms of an Inferiority Complex

  • Insecurity and low self-esteem.
  • Inability to reach your goals, or feeling “stuck”
  • Wanting to give up easily.
  • Feeling the need to withdraw in social situations.
  • Often feeling down on yourself.
  • Experiencing anxiety and depression.

How can I help my child with inferiority complex?

Suggest ways in which they can improve their performance instead of putting them down. – Praise your child for his/her achievements (no matter how small). This will motivate him to improve his skills. – Teach your child to remain positive and get rid of the fears and negativity that surrounds him.

What causes superiority complex?

It’s unclear why anyone develops a superiority complex. Multiple situations or incidents may be the root cause. For example, it may be the result of multiple failures. A person tries to complete a specific goal or achieve a desired outcome, but they don’t succeed.

How does inferiority complex affect relationships?

In this process, we may feel either jealous or inferior or superior to others. Inferiority complex manifests in our lives constantly and continuously & affects our relationships, performance & our self-perception in a covert & overt manner. With this complex, the person is unable to overcome the difficulties of life.