What To Do When You Feel Like Self Harming?

  1. Acquaint yourself with the issue. Learning more about self-harm is the most effective approach to get over any uneasiness or disgust you may have towards this practice
  2. Don’t judge. Stay away from statements that are judgemental or critical
  3. They will only make the situation worse. Keep in mind that the person who harms themselves already experiences feelings of anguish, humiliation, and isolation
  4. Encourage communication. You should encourage the person you care about to express whatever it is they are experiencing, even if it is something that may make you feel uncomfortable

What to do when you feel like self-harming?

When you experience feelings of wanting to hurt yourself, reaching out for emotional support from friends and loved ones may be quite helpful. It is not always simple to be open about how you are feeling, but it is frequently helpful to begin by expressing your thoughts with just one person. This person should be someone you can trust to give support without passing judgment.

Do you “self-harm” for others?

If you struggle with ″pouring yourself out″ for other people on a continuous basis to the point that you are exhausted, you may be able to connect to the ″self-harm″ component of helping other people at the price of yourself. Because on the surface it appears to be ″altruistic″ or ″high-functioning″ conduct, this specific kind of ″self-harm″ can be quite deceptive and difficult to spot.

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