Why Do I Feel Like Something Popped In My Stomach?

The sensation of one’s stomach popping can be brought on by a variety of factors, including overeating, an excessive use of laxatives, an excessive consumption of caffeine, smoking cigarettes, consuming large amounts of alcohol, having an infection of the gallbladder, or even just a diet that does not contain sufficient amounts of fiber.

What causes abdominal pain with popping shifting sensation?

Pain in the abdomen: Pain in the abdomen accompanied with a popping or shifting feeling is not a combination that is particular to any one condition.It seems like you could be experiencing an intestinal cramp or spasm.Continue Reading Possibly caused by Flagyl: It’s probably the Flagyl causing the gurgling and rumbling in your abdomen.After you have completed the full course of therapy, this should go away on its own.

Why does my stomach feel like something is moving?

The majority of the time, problems that originate in the lower abdomen are to blame when you get a sensation in your stomach that seems like something is moving around in there.It may give the impression that there is movement in your stomach when there is none.In between the chest and the pelvis is where we find the lower abdomen.It is made up of organs that are essential to the digestive process, such as the intestines and the liver.

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