Why Does My Vape Feel Like It’s Burning My Throat?

It’s possible that the amount of nicotine in your system is contributing to the burning sensation that you get from vaping. If the e-juice you’re vaping contains a higher concentration of nicotine, you may experience discomfort and coughing. People who are transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigarettes sometimes overestimate the amount of nicotine that they require in their e-liquid.

A dry blow. If you take a hit from your vaporizer when there is no vaping liquid left to evaporate, you will get what is known as a ″dry hit.″ A burning feeling might result, which is a very unpleasant side effect of this. This will result in a temporary scratchy feeling in the throat.

Why does my vape smell burnt?

Without liquid to evaporate, the coils will begin burning the wick, and the user will effectively be inhaling cotton that has been burned.Here are some of the more typical causes of burned hits, as well as some tips to assist you prevent experiencing them in the future.When you vape at wattages that are higher than the limitations of the coil, the e-liquid will evaporate much more quickly.

Why does my vape juice have such a strong hit?

Increases in nicotine content in vaping juice are connected with more intense hits.Increased quantities of propylene glycol (in comparison to vegetable glycerin) result in a greater amount of the desired effect.A more compact mouthpiece that restricts airflow might result in a more intense impact to the throat.A dry hit occurs when the liquid isn’t transported to the atomizer coil, which results in a burning sensation when inhaled.

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How can I reduce the throat hit of a vape?

Cutting down on the amount of nicotine in these liquids can significantly lessen the harshness that it causes in the throat.When in its freebase form, nicotine imparts a significant amount of throat impact.In point of fact, it is the primary cause of this feeling.However, if you just stop using nicotine altogether, you might make things more pleasant for yourself, but you might not receive the same effect.

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