At What Height Does Water Feel Like Concrete?

Is it the same as hitting concrete when you hit water?

Since water is a fluid, its elasticity has been replaced by viscosity, which is the property that allows it to resist being squeezed. Hitting water from a great height feels like hitting concrete, but it’s not the same as hitting concrete from the same height.

Is it possible to die if you fall into water?

It’s possible that, in many situations, it’s the impact that kills you, because entering water at a high enough speed exposes weak body parts, such as the head, to extreme deceleration forces that can be fatal (for example, breaking the neck, causing a basal skull fracture, and severing the spinal cord).

Can you withstand a 500-foot drop into water?

A fall onto the sidewalk from a height of more than 50 feet will kill you. It’s like hitting concrete when you fall into water from 50 to 100 feet or higher. When you dive into a pool from a five-foot or ten-foot diving board, the water cannot flow quickly enough to soften your fall.

Can you withstand a 1000-foot drop into water?

Your terminal velocity would have been reached after falling 1,000 feet, particularly with your hands in front of you, and it would be, well, terminal. You’d be going about 130-150 miles per hour. The water will feel like it was entering a sand pile. You’d be dead at 1000 feet.