In What Paradox Of Salvation Does Claudius Feel Trapped?

In what paradox of salvation does Claudius feel trapped?

Claudius is aware that he cannot repent of his sin [murdering his brother] while keeping what he gained as a result of the sin [his wife and his crown].

What does this scene reveal about Gertrude’s guilt?

what does this scene reveal about Gertrude’s guilt? she feels guilty about marring her husbands brother but it does seem like she knew about the murder. what aspect of Gertrude and Claudius marriage still clearly brother Hamlet the most? he wants to kill whoever killed his father.

What does Claudius admit to himself about his crime?

what does claudius admit to himself and the readers about his crime? he admits that he feels guilty and burdened by the way his own actions and words have masked his crime. the oppressor’s wrong= claudius not letting hamlet go to wittenberg, spying on him etc.

Why does Hamlet speak to Ophelia in vulgar terms?

Why does Hamlet speak to Ophelia in such vulgar terms? Wynar6Hamlet is angry at Ophelia because she has misled him to think that she has loved him as well. At first Gertrude is angry with Hamlet because he has offended Claudius. She calls him up to her room to let him know that she is upset.

What aspect of Gertrude’s marriage seems to bother Hamlet the most in this scene?

What aspect of Gertrude and Claudius’ marriage still clearly bothers Hamlet the most? Hamlet is still clearly bothered by the physical/sexual aspect of his mother’s marriage. He constantly refers to the adulterous, incestuous sheets.

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What does Gertrude’s reaction to the play indicate?

What does Gertrude’s reaction to the play indicate? The fact that Gertrude does not act at all guilty and even admits that she suspects the Player Queen of being insincere indicates that she is guiltless of any crime against her deceased first husband, Hamlet’s father. Her second husband was the emperor Claudius.

What does Gertrude’s death reveal about Claudius?

Gertrude and genre

Though her character can be seen as passive for the first part of the play, it is in Act 5, Scene 2 that she fully realises her dramatic potential. She wilfully disobeys Claudius by drinking the poisoned wine. She dies with cries of ‘the drink! the drink!

How does Claudius feel about himself?

Terms in this set (3) How does Claudius feel about himself? He is now feeling the guilt of what he has done and he thinks he might go to hell so he is looking at his options.

Why does Hamlet not want to be like Nero?

Nero was a Roman emperor known for his extreme cruelty; he was rumored to have murdered his mother. Hamlet’s allusion to Nero here shows that he does not wish to act so cruelly that his actions are described as inhumane.

Does Claudius admit his guilt to Gertrude?

He feels that Gertrude, as Hamlet’s mother, will automatically be partial to Hamlet and perhaps not present his words to Claudius as objectively as Polonius will. In his aside, which follows, Claudius admits his guilt when he says, “O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven; / It hath the primal eldest

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Why does Hamlet compare himself to a recorder?

Hamlet: “It is as easy as lying.” Here, Hamlet calls playing the recorder as easy as telling a lie; to “play upon” this instrument takes no more effort than does speaking an untruth. However, after Hamlet makes this assertion to Guildenstern, he tells Hamlet he does not have the skill to play said pipe.

What happens when the ghost appears for the second time?

4) What happens when the ghost appears for the second time (at the SD before 1.1. Marcellus believes that the ghost left because they had angered it when they attempted to force the ghost to speak using violence, but Horatio notes that it was the roster crowing that stopped the ghost from speaking and then leaving.

Who does Hamlet trust the most?


How does Hamlet behave towards his mother?

How does Hamlet behave towards his mother? Hamlet is gentler and nicer to his mom because the ghost reminds him that Gertrude should be left to God, and he shall only get revenge on Claudius.

How does Hamlet feel about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

How does Hamlet feel about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Why? He know they were sent by the king and queen when he saw the guilty look in their eyes after he asked if they had come on their own free will. In his dialogue with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Hamlet reveals a change he has undergone.

How does Claudius react to the play?

During the Mousetrap scene, the players reenact King Hamlet’s assassination. The actor playing the king lays down on a bed of flowers while another player pours poison into his ear. Upon witnessing the performance, King Claudius immediately rises and says, Give me some light, away!