What Do Uterine Fibroids Feel Like?

What does fibroid pain feel like?

Pelvic Discomfort Women with large fibroids may feel heaviness or pressure in their lower abdomen or pelvis. Often this is described as a vague discomfort rather than a sharp pain. Sometimes, the enlarged uterus makes it difficult to lie face down, bend over or exercise without discomfort.

How do you check for fibroids?

If you have symptoms of uterine fibroids, your doctor may order these tests: Ultrasound. If confirmation is needed, your doctor may order an ultrasound. It uses sound waves to get a picture of your uterus to confirm the diagnosis and to map and measure fibroids.

What do fibroids feel like from the outside?

Fibroids in the cavity of the uterus can be associated with very heavy or painful periods. Meanwhile, fibroids growing in the uterine muscle or outside the uterus can cause pelvic pain, pelvic pressure, and abdominal bloating.

What are the early signs of fibroids?

What are the symptoms of fibroids?

  • heavy bleeding between or during your periods that includes blood clots.
  • pain in the pelvis or lower back.
  • increased menstrual cramping.
  • increased urination.
  • pain during intercourse.
  • menstruation that lasts longer than usual.
  • pressure or fullness in your lower abdomen.