What Do You Feel Like?

What do you feel like doing Meaning?

feel like doing something

to want to do something; to be in the mood to do something; to feel well enough to do something.

What do you feel VS How do you feel?

I’d also say from a grammatical point of view, “what do you feel” demands a noun as a response (‘sadness’, ‘pain’), whereas “how do you feel” demands an adjective (‘happy’, ‘sleepy’). On the other hand, one can say what are you feeling? (Anger, impatience, sorrow, excitement, etc.)

What is the meaning of feel like?

To have an intuition of. feel like Informal. To have an inclination or desire for: felt like going for a walk. feel like (oneself) To sense oneself as being in one’s normal state of health or spirits: I just don’t feel like myself today.

How do you use feels like?

Feel like can mean ‘want’ or ‘would like’. After feel like, you can use a noun or an –ing form. I feel like a drink.

You can use the expression ‘don’t feel like’ to talk about things you don’t want to do.

  • I don’t feel like leaving yet.
  • I don’t feel like going out with him.
  • I don’t feel like studying.