What Does A Normal Prostate Feel Like?

A normal prostate has a rubbery, soft feel and is symmetric with a smooth groove down the middle, separating the right side from the left.

A firm or hard region in the prostate called a nodule can indicate that prostate cancer is present.

If the urologist feels a prostate nodule, other diagnostic tests are recommended.

What does prostate feel like?

The area where most prostate cancers are found can be felt during this test. What does a healthy prostate feel like? A healthy prostate feels: Any lumps, hard, woody or irregular areas of the prostate may indicate the presence of cancer or some sort of abnormality with the prostate and will require further testing.

How can you detect an enlarged prostate at home?

The specialist will:

  • put on some gloves and put lubricant on one finger.
  • assess the area around the rectum for anything unusual.
  • gently insert a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum.
  • feel the prostate to assess the size and check for bumps, soft or hard spots, and other abnormalities.

What does an enlarged prostate exam feel like?

Your doctor will gently slide a gloved, lubricated finger into your rectum to feel your prostate. He will feel for any growths or lumps. You might feel the need to pee or a little discomfort, but the exam should be quick.

How do you check for enlarged prostate?


  1. Digital rectal exam. The doctor inserts a finger into the rectum to check your prostate for enlargement.
  2. Urine test. Analyzing a sample of your urine can help rule out an infection or other conditions that can cause similar symptoms.
  3. Blood test.
  4. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.