What Does A Pulled Quad Feel Like?

How do you know if you pulled your quad?

Symptoms of a quad strain may include:

  • Inflammation, bruising or swelling on the front of your thigh.
  • Difficulty bending and straightening your knee.
  • Overly tired, stiff or weak quad muscles.
  • Pain when walking or using the quad muscles.
  • Tightness in the thigh.
  • Sharp pain when running, jumping, or kicking.

How long does it take for a pulled quad to heal?

Full recovery can take up to six weeks or more. For a mild strain or sprain, most people feel better after a week or two of rest. You’ll know your quad is healed when you no longer have pain and can move your leg through its full range of motion. During this time, a gradual rehabilitation program is beneficial.

How do you know if you pulled a muscle in your thigh?

What are the Symptoms of a Thigh Strain?

  1. Pain during activities which engage the affected thigh muscle, e.g. walking, going up/down stairs, sit to stand, kicking.
  2. “Pulling pain” or a tugging sensation with stretching of the affected muscle eg heel to bottom.
  3. Swelling, bruising or thigh tenderness.

How do you treat a pulled quad muscle?

Treatment most often involves RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), and sometimes physical therapy is needed to help regain range of motion and muscle strength. Surgery may be needed to repair tendon ruptures, muscle herniation, and to relieve compartment syndrome.