What Does A Swollen Lymph Node In Armpit Feel Like?

Can you feel lymph nodes in armpit?

Lymph nodes can only be felt in certain areas: head and neck.


axilla (armpit)

What does a swollen lymph node feel like?

Swollen lymph nodes will feel like soft, round bumps, and they may be the size of a pea or a grape. They might be tender to the touch, which indicates inflammation. In some cases, the lymph nodes will also look larger than usual. Lymph nodes appear in parallel on both sides of the body.

How do you check armpit lymph nodes?

To check the left side, lift your arm slightly then place the fingers of your right hand high into the armpit and then lower your arm.

How to Check Lymph Nodes in the Armpit

  • Along the front border of the armpit.
  • Along the back border of the armpit.
  • Feel along the inner border of the arm.
  • Now check the other armpit.

What causes enlarged lymph nodes under armpit?

Swollen lymph nodes under the arm (in the armpit) can occur due to infection or injury to the arm or hand. Some infections (mononucleosis or “mono,” HIV, and fungal or parasitic infections) may cause generalized swelling of lymph nodes throughout the body.