What Does An O Feel Like?

″It’s really comparable to the sensation of your body plummeting over a cliff into a heap of tingling joy,″ she said. It’s a sensation of sensuous release, and you realize that you have no control over it, yet you still give in to it because it’s just so goddamn nice. A female orgasm that shakes the foundations of the planet is one of a kind.

How do you know if you had an O?

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of an Orgasm? – How Can I Tell If I’ve Already Had One?

  1. Automatic contractions of the muscles in and around the thighs, legs, buttocks, stomach, vaginal walls, pelvic floor muscles, and other areas
  2. A groaning sound, as well as movement of the toes or fingers
  3. Variation in the heart rate and breathing rate
  4. Your body, notably the area surrounding your genitalia, becomes more sensitive

What happens during an O?

When you have an orgasmic experience, your brain produces a rush of dopamine. When you are having an orgasmic experience, your brain is working really hard to create a wide variety of hormones and neurochemicals. Dopamine is one of these chemicals, and it’s a hormone that’s responsible for sensations of desire, pleasure, and motivation.

What happens during female O?

When the woman reaches the peak of her orgasmic experience, her skin will flush and the muscles throughout her body will continue to contract.The speeds at which you breathe, your heart, and your blood pressure will all continue to speed up.She will experience rhythmic contractions in the outside portion of the vagina, in her uterus, and in her anus in addition to the contractions she will feel in the vagina itself.

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