What Does Being Hungover Feel Like?

What does it feel like when you have a hangover?

This usually happens the morning after drinking.

Symptoms of a hangover include: bloodshot eyes.

excessive thirst.

How long does a hangover last?

Hangovers can last up to 72 hours after drinking, but most are shorter in duration. Again it depends on how much was consumed, how dehydrated you became, nutritional status, ethnicity, gender, the state of your liver, medications, etc.

How do you know if your hangover is dangerous?

Call 911 or your local emergency number if a person who has been drinking shows signs of:

  • Confusion.
  • Vomiting.
  • Seizures.
  • Slow breathing (less than eight breaths a minute)
  • Irregular breathing (a gap of more than 10 seconds between breaths)
  • Blue-tinged skin or pale skin.
  • Low body temperature (hypothermia)

Can a hangover kill you?

Well, the good (or bad, depending on just how awful you’re feeling) news is that no, you can’t die from a hangover. However, while you may not die from a hangover itself, some other related stuff could kill you if you’re particularly unlucky.