What Does It Feel Like To Be Burned Alive?

What happens when you are burning alive?

Dying of shock, like carbon monoxide, would be a merciful way to go if you were being burned alive. The initial pain of the fire could be so severe that your body could go into shock. When you go into shock, your blood pressure suddenly drops so low that your vital organs can no longer function.

How long would you feel pain burning alive?

Under these circumstances, a body can continue to burn for up to seven hours. The most severe burns cause so much damage to your nerves that you are no longer able to feel pain.

How long does it take to die from burning at the stake?

The fire does all the work. It usually took about a half an hour before the victim lost consciousness, but if it was windy and the fire was blowing away from the victim, he or she might have to endure up to two hours of being slowly burned to death [source: Bachrach].

What happens when a human body is burned?

Bodies during burning

The heat of the fire will cause significant damage to the body. The fire will cause the soft tissues to contract, which causes the skin to tear and the fat and muscles to shrink. The internal organs will also shrink. The muscles contract due to burning and this causes the joints to flex.