What Does It Feel Like To Kiss?

What does being kissed feel like?

There’s the feeling of someone else’s lips, mouth, etc, which seems like it might be gross, but if it’s a good kiss then it feels very good. Their lips are soft, their mouth is warm, and exploring them in that way is all that’s on your mind. Then if it’s someone special, your heart does this thing.

What does it feel like to kiss a guy?

Well, it depends entirely on the guy you’re kissing. With a guy you love, it feels sweet, warm, as if the two of you are seeing the same thing inside your closed eyes. With a guy you won’t see again for a long time, it feels as if your lips are the only light in the night sky, and that light is fading.

What is the average age for a first kiss?

Though the average age for young people to experience a first kiss is fifteen, there is absolutely no reason to rush into it because “everyone else is doing it” or you want to feel “normal.” After all, what good is a kiss if it comes with a side of regret?

What does a kiss on the lips feel like?

The first guy I kissed had very plump, very soft lips. Lips feel like lips. A lot guys have chapped or cracked lips because most men don’t whip out chapstick and moisturize like a girl would, but, this depends on the person. The first guy I kissed had very plump, very soft lips.