What Does It Feel Like When Your Spleen Ruptures?

Can you die from a ruptured spleen?

The main complication of a ruptured spleen is bleeding and the problems that can come from it, such as cysts and blood clots. Delayed bleeding and spleen death may also result from a ruptured spleen. It is often these serious complications that result in surgery.

How long does it take to die from a ruptured spleen?

You can live without your spleen but you have a much higher risk of infection and need vaccinations to help protect you. Recovery after a splenic rupture can take quite some time and it can be three to six months until you can resume all previous activities.

How easy is it to rupture your spleen with mono?

However, spontaneous rupture or atraumatic rupture of spleen secondary to infectious mononucleosis is rare with an estimation of 0.06%2 to 0.5%3 and it is the most frequent cause of death in infectious mononucleosis.

What does a swollen spleen feel like?

A common symptom of an enlarged spleen is a feeling of pain or discomfort in the upper left side of abdomen, where the spleen is located. You might also experience a feeling of fullness after only eating a small amount. This usually happens when the spleen becomes enlarged to the point that it presses on the stomach.