What Does Ky His And Hers Feel Like?

K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants can cause him to have an energizing warming feeling, while she will experience an exciting tingling sensation. Combining the two will result in an experience that is wholly unique and unanticipated. It’s a much better experience. More fulfilling.

How do you use his and hers K-Y?

How does it work? Please let K-Y Brand to Brand YOURS + MINE. Couples Lubricants can serve as a driving force for discovery. When you believe the time is appropriate, apply it to the intimate regions of your body as you see fit. Yours (which is blue) should go on him, and mine (which is purple) should go on her.

Does K-Y his and hers cause yeast infections?

In women who are predisposed to developing yeast infections, using personal lubricants like KY Jelly or other products that contain glycerol might make the condition worse. Some individuals’ skin may get irritated as a result of the presence of certain ingredients, such as methylparaben, which is found in KY Jelly.

Can you use K-Y Yours and mine with condoms?

Intimate massages and other passionate or fun forms of shared exploration are two other examples of situations in which K-Y Yours+Mine might be utilized. It has been determined that K-Y Yours+Mine is incompatible with condoms.

Can K-Y Yours and Mine cause UTI?

Unfortunately, I do not think that those who are easily offended should try this.Because of this, my partner ended up getting a urinary tract infection.We went to the hospital to speak to a nurse, and when I questioned her if using sexual lubricants might cause a urinary tract infection (UTI), she responded that it was possible.

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We had never used a sexual lubricant before, and still something like this took place.

Where do you put K-Y Yours and mine?

When you believe that the time is perfect, apply it to the private parts of your companion. It would be best for her to give him some of your (blue). It would be appropriate for him to give her some of mine (purple). Begin with only one to two drops of each.

Does lubricant have side effects?

Risks and side effects The vast majority of individuals can use commercial lubricants without risk. However, just like any other healthcare product, they do have certain hazards, the most notable of which being the potential for allergic responses. skin irritation.

Does KY Jelly cause BV?

According to Dr. Mary Marnach, an expert in obstetrics and gynecology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, many personal lubricants, such as K-Y jelly, contain glycerin, which, when broken down, turns into sugars and encourages yeast infections and possibly also bacterial vaginosis. Dr. Marnach made this observation while speaking about her field.

Is KY Jelly sperm Friendly?

Even among couples who are actively attempting to start a family, K-Y Jelly is one of the personal lubricants that is used the most frequently. However, sperm do not get along well with K-Y Jelly. In general, water-based lubricants like K-Y Jelly and other products like it are among the least fertility friendly options for lubricants.

Does lube cause yeast infections?

The following are the three primary kinds of lubricant: Never use flavored lubes for vaginal intercourse since they contain sugar (glucose), which can lead to yeast infections in the vaginal canal. Lubricants that contain glycerine are another potential source of yeast infections.

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Is Slippery Stuff sperm friendly?

Tests conducted in independent labs have proved that Slippery Stuff is one of the few products available that is not harmful to sperm in any way.

Can lubricant give you thrush?

Is it possible for lubricant to induce vaginal candidiasis? Yes, vaginal thrush might be a result of the lubricant you choose to use and the amount you use of it. One of the most prevalent components of lubricants is glycerin, which can encourage an excessive growth of the Candida fungus due to its role as a food supply for the organism.

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