What Does Meth Feel Like Quora?

What does really good meth feel like?

After the intense euphoria of the rush, meth effects create a pleasurable high.

This can last from a few hours to half a day depending on the amount of meth and how it was taken.

Meth intoxication can make you feel confident and aggressive.

You may be talkative and energetic.

What is considered pure meth?

In reality, pure meth is typically white or clear, because it reflects all wavelengths of visible light. Purity is a measure of how uniform the chemical composition of the drug is, and even tiny amounts of impurities can add color to the drug. However, blue meth itself isn’t a myth.

What pure meth looks like?

The two most common types of meth are a crystalline powder and a shiny, glass-like form of the drug known as crystal meth. The drug is also sold in pills. A less common form is a waxy, gooey oil called meth base. The color of meth is usually white or translucent, but it can also appear yellow, brown, orange or pink.

What does meth feel like first?

The crystal meth high produces desirable feelings like an intense sense of wellbeing, sustained periods of alertness/wakefulness, and increased confidence. These effects are often experienced most acutely upon first use, with each successive use an attempt to relive that first experience.

How pure is the purest meth?

“Breaking Bad” and Blue Meth

In the AMC drama “Breaking Bad,” lead character Walter White creates a 99.1 percent pure form of crystal meth. The character reveals that it appears blue because of a unique manufacturing method and its high purity.