What Does Sensory Overload Feel Like?

What is sensory overload anxiety?

Sensory Overload and Anxiety

Most kids have no trouble organizing the information they get from their senses. They can experience sensory overload, which can make basic activities seem like an assault for them. So they may come to dread everyday situations that are stressful, like trips to the mall.

What does it feel like to be overstimulated?

This state of overstimulation can then manifest itself in the form of strong feelings, disparate thoughts, physical, mental, and emotional tension, and inner restlessness. This is often followed by exhaustion and tiredness because their nervous system has been running “on overdrive.”

Do people with ADHD have sensory overload?

Changes in routine. You may recognize these as examples of things that can trigger sensory overload for kids with sensory processing issues . But sensory overload can happen with kids who have other diagnoses too, including ADHD (also known as ADD). However, kids who only have ADHD may experience sensory overload, too.

What is sensory overload autism?

Sometimes an autistic person may behave in a way that you wouldn’t immediately link to sensory sensitivities. A person who struggles to deal with everyday sensory information can experience sensory overload, or information overload. Too much information can cause stress, anxiety, and possibly physical pain.