What Site Is Commonly Used To Feel A Pulse?

What site is commonly used to feel a pulse quizlet?

located at the thumb side of the WRIST approximately 1 inch above the base of the thumb. This is the most commonly used site for obtaining a pulse rate. When measuring the pulse at the carotid site, compress only one side at a time. You just studied 9 terms!

Which is the most common site for taking a pulse?

radial artery

What are all the pulse sites?

Terms in this set (8)

  • radial pulse. located at the thumb side of the wrist.
  • carotid pulse. used during emergencies and when performing CPR.
  • brachial pulse. found in inner elbow commonly used to obtain b/p measurements.
  • temporal pulse.
  • femoral pulse.
  • popliteal pulse.
  • dorsalis pedis pulse.
  • Apical pulse.

Where are the 9 pulse sites in a person’s body?

Terms in this set (9)

  1. Temporal. temples.
  2. Carotid. neck.
  3. Apical. heart/chest.
  4. Brachial. elbow.
  5. Femoral. groin.
  6. Popliteal. knee.
  7. Dorsalis Pedis. top of foot.
  8. Posterior Tibial. behind ankle.