What To Do When You Feel A Cold Sore Coming On?

How do you stop a cold sore when you feel it coming on?

Wash their hands frequently. This can help keep the virus off the hands, and so from being spread. Avoid sharing drinks, utensils, lip products, toothpaste, towels, or any items that might touch the mouth, especially when a sore is present. Avoid skin-to-skin contact with others when cold sores are present.

What does the start of a cold sore feel like?

A tingling, itching or burning sensation around the mouth often indicates the start of a cold-sore outbreak. Fluid-filled sores, often on the edges of the lower lip, tend to follow this. Glands may start to swell. The sores often appear in the same place each time.

What to do when you feel a cold sore coming on home remedies?

How to treat cold sores

  • Ice. You can numb the pain if you apply a cold compress to the sore.
  • Pain relievers. When a cold sore really stings, you may get some relief from an over-the-counter painkiller like acetaminophen.
  • Over-the-counter creams.
  • Aloe vera gel.
  • Avoid triggers.
  • Don’t touch.

What triggers a cold sore?

What causes cold sores? Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Once this virus is in you, it can cause outbreaks of cold sores. Cold sore outbreaks are often triggered by exposure to hot sun, cold wind, a cold or other illness, a weak immune system, changing hormone levels, or even stress.