Why Do I Feel Like I Have Two Different Personalities?

The illness once known as multiple personality disorder is now more commonly referred to as dissociative identity disorder. It is believed to be a complicated psychiatric condition that is likely caused by a number of causes, one of which being significant trauma experienced during early infancy (usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse).

Does having multiple personalities make us less than other people?

Simply because we have more than one identity does not mean that we are ″less″ than other individuals. As a result of my fragmented state, there are moments when I get the impression that I am not as valuable as others. But the sum of all of my components makes up a whole.

Is it normal to feel like having two different people inside you?

″To feel like having two separate persons within you″ is a reasonably common experience, in my experience, since I have known a sufficient number of women who have stated that they have fantasized about doing it.At the very least, it is not unusual.Sure.That is to be expected.The other voices are the restricting voices that come from one’s dysfunctional family, and the still, tiny voice is God.

What is the other side of your personality?

The other side, which I’ll refer to as ″personality #2,″ is more impulsive, aggressive, and spontaneous. It doesn’t consider the potential implications of its actions and has a tendency to be defensive and furious. When I’m on this side, I completely forget about the other side, and I also don’t get the impression that I have any influence over this side.

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Do you feel like you have several personas inside you?

Some people have the impression that they are composed of several identities, each of which may be accessed and utilized depending on the circumstances. Psychologists refer to these as components of the ego, which together make up our ″faces.″ These are many ways in which we conduct ourselves according on what it is that we are currently doing.

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