Why Do I Feel Like Passing Out On My Period?

During the course of a regular menstrual cycle, your body will go through a number of changes.Sometimes these changes might exaggerate responses in your body, increasing the likelihood that you will pass out when you are experiencing your period.Syncope, also known as fainting or passing out, is your brain’s way of telling the rest of your body that it is not getting the necessary quantity of oxygen.

Fainting or passing out is also known as syncope.

Why do women faint during their periods?

Hormones, period pains, and worry are just a few of the things that might contribute to dizziness around the time of your period. You may learn more about the connection between dizziness and your period by clicking here. However, today I’m going to investigate why some women experience dizziness or even fainting during their period, particularly when fluctuating blood pressure is involved.

Why do I feel dizzy when my period starts?

The onset of menstruation is accompanied by a decline in estrogen and progesterone levels, which in turn has an impact on a woman’s circulation, neurotransmitters, blood vessels, and blood pressure, which can result in a sensation of being on the verge of fainting.The significant loss of blood that occurs with heavy periods might contribute to feelings of lightheadedness since it can bring about momentary alterations in blood pressure.

What happens to your body when you have your period?

In order for menstruation to take place, the blood supply is reorganized and redirected to the womb and abdomen while a woman is having her period. This indicates that the circulation of blood to other regions of your body may be compromised, which explains, for example, why your digestion may be sluggish in the week leading up to your period.

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Why do I feel light-headed during my period?

Some women discover that they feel lightheadedness or even fainting during their period as a result of the poor blood circulation that occurs during this time of the month. This is especially true for women who already have a condition that causes them to have low blood pressure.

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