Why Does Scout Feel Like She Has Ruined The Pageant?

In what way does Scout ″ruin″ the pageant that Miss Merriweather is hosting? The talent show put up by Miss. Merewether was spoiled when Scout fell asleep and missed her cue. She also came into the beauty contest a little bit too late.

How does Scout mess up the pageant?

Jem and Scout are terrified by Cecil Jacobs when they are traveling to the pageant. The youngsters have a good time participating in the activities, but Scout makes a fool of herself when she arrives onstage far too late.

Why does Mrs Merriweather say Scout ruined the pageant?

She then takes Scout backstage and informs her that the pageant is destroyed due to her actions, which makes Scout feel horrible. Why does Mrs. Merriweather believe that Scout is responsible for the pageant’s failure? Over the course of the last six chapters, Scout’s admiration and regard for her older brother have steadily increased.

Who do Jem and Scout think is following them home after the pageant?

It was Bob Ewell who had attempted to kill Jem and Scout; he was the one who had followed them home and then chased after them, wounding Jem very severely in the process.

What happened to Scout and Jem on the way home from the pageant?

What takes place between Jem and Scout on their journey back home after the pageant? On their walk home from the pageant, Scout and Jem are the targets of an assault. They are the targets of Mr. Ewell’s assault.

What happens to Scout when it is her turn to come on stage during the pageant?

When it is finally Scout’s turn to perform on stage during the pageant, what does she do when she gets there? She loses her balance and tumbles off the stage.

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Who scares the children on the way to the pageant?

On the way to the pageant, Jem and Scout are frightened by Cecil Jacobs, which builds up the tension leading up to the event with Bob Ewell. Jem and Scout are attacked by Bob Ewell as they are walking home from the pageant they had attended. Jem is aware that they are being watched, yet he is unable to stop the assault from happening.

What happens to Scout when she tries to run?

Jem yells for Scout to flee, but she is unable to maintain her footing in the dark while wearing her costume, so she ends up falling. She hears a struggle behind her, and the metal mesh is being torn apart by something. When Jem finally manages to get free, he takes Scout almost all the way to the road before their attacker yanks him back.

Why did Scout wear her costume home from the pageant?

1. Because Scout is humiliated by her performance, she stays backstage with Jem until everyone else has left. She makes the decision to go home in her costume, and Jem is the one to accompany her on this journey. ″Naw, I’ll just keep it on,″ I responded.

How did scout’s costume save her life?

How exactly did Scout’s outfit end up being the thing that ended up saving her life? Scout had been the target of Ewell’s attempt to stab her, but the chicken wire had stopped the dagger from penetrating to her body. You just learned 16 terms!

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Who saved Jem Scout?

The story comes to a close as Bob Ewell threatens Scout and Jem, and Boo Radley comes to their rescue, ultimately resulting in Bob’s death. Scout drives Boo back to her house as Atticus and Sheriff Heck Tate discuss how best to handle the matter. Boo arrives home safely.

What was the purpose of the Halloween pageant?

Answer and Explanation: The ladies of Maycomb come to the conclusion that holding a Halloween pageant is the best way to prevent the youngsters of the town from getting into mischief.

What is the night of the pageant like?

How does the evening of the pageant typically go? It was terribly stormy and gloomy outside, and there was no moon to be seen. Jem reported that it was going to start raining. In chapter 27, what are Scout’s thoughts and feelings for Jem?

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