Readers ask: What Does A Nipple Piercing Feel Like?

What It Really Feels Like to Get Your Nipples Pierced

It’s important to go to a reputable piercing shop and choose a piercer you feel comfortable with. All items used by your piercer should be pre-sterilized and opened in front of you. For the piercing, you’ll want a straight barbell. Titanium, steel, and gold work best because they’re less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

How painful is a nipple piercing?

When you get your nipple pierced, it will hurt, and it will be sore for a week. You may also bleed, itch, or see swelling or discharge from the wound, and your nipple will feel sore or irritated as it heals over the next few months.

Are nipple piercings worth the pain?

If you don’t like your nipples or they’re inverted, nipple piercings will push them out and make them look less inverted, as well as boost your confidence in your nipples and boobs as a whole. The pain and aftercare aren’t worth missing out on the chance to have your nipples pierced.

Do nipple piercings make your nipples hard forever?

Do Nipple Piercings Make Nipples Permanently Hard? When you first get your nipples pierced, they are likely to swell up; however, this effect is temporary, and the nipples should return to normal within two to four weeks.

What to expect when getting your nipples pierced?

Bleeding is a common sight for the first few days due to the thin skin of your nipple. Rinse and dry the piercing regularly to wipe away any blood and keep the area clean.

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Should I wear a bra to get my nipples pierced?

The most important consideration is moisture buildup; wear a bra that allows your skin to breathe, and if you sweat, remove your bra, clean your piercing, and then put on a new bra. The small ring won’t make a big difference in cup size, and a snug bra will feel better during the healing process.

How long after nipple piercing can they be played with?

Before doing any type of nipple play, you should wait until your nipples are completely healed; this is important because your body does not finish developing fistulas until 9-12 months.

Do nipple piercings set off metal detectors?

For the most part, airport security and body piercings get along swimmingly; if your body jewelry does set off the metal detector, it should only be a matter of showing the jewelry to a TSA agent before you’re on your way. Never let your piercings get in the way of having fun.

What is the most painless piercing?

Most piercers agree that earlobe piercings are the least painful because they are placed on a fleshy, easy-to-pierce area of skin. Most oral piercings, eyebrow piercings, and even navel piercings are also surprisingly low on the pain scale for the same reason.

Can I numb my nipple before piercing?

To get the most out of the topical anesthetic you choose, apply a new layer every 15 minutes or so leading up to getting pierced.

Where should you pierce your nipple?

Your piercer will likely recommend a long, 14-gauge straight barbell for your first nipple jewelry. The marks and piercing should be above the areola and near the base of the nipple, not near the tip.

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Can you lose feeling in your nipples after piercing?

Does it affect/improve sensitivity? My personal experience is that it does not, but many women who have had their piercings healed well have noticed a significant increase in nipple sensitivity. Of course, you must accept the fact that your nipples will be out of commission while they heal.

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