What Do We Do When We Feel Like?

Do You Feel Like We Do

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Writing and recording

“Do You Feel Like We Do” is a song by Peter Frampton that was released on the Frampton’s Camel album in 1973 but never as a single. The closing notes of the studio recording are very similar to The Beatles’ “Baby’s in Black.”

Release as a single

“Do You Feel Like We Do,” the third single from Frampton Comes Alive!, was released in 1976 and reached number 10 on the US pop charts and number 39 in the UK, making it one of the longest songs to reach the top ten in the US.

Chart history

The top ten most popular music videos of the 1970s include Billboard Hot 100, US Billboard Hot 100, and US Cash Box Top 100.

Notable covers

Frampton’s latest album, Frampton Comes Alive!, features a cover by Haynes on the iTunes deluxe edition.

External links

One of Peter Frampton’s most well-known hits is “Do You Feel Like We Do.”

Do You Feel Like We Do key?

The legendary closing track on Frampton Comes Alive!, “Do You Feel Like We Do,” features an extended open-jam section in D minor during which Frampton gets to stretch out and solo for a long time.

Do you feel like I do talk box?

Frampton is famous for being able to have his guitar play decipherable words and sentences, such as “Do you feel like I do?” However, even some of his fans are unaware of what’s really behind this nifty gimmick: Frampton uses a clever device called the talk box to serenade his audience through his guitar.

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Was Frampton Comes Alive filmed?

Background and recording The album was recorded primarily at Winterland in San Francisco and the Long Island Arena in Commack, New York, as well as a concert at the SUNY Plattsburgh campus in Plattsburgh, New York, during the summer and fall of 1975.

How much do talk boxes cost?

When comparing similar items,

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Do you sing into a talk box?

The Talk Box is a simple concept: you plug your guitar, keyboard, or other instrument into a pedal, which sends amplified sound through a clear plastic tube, resulting in talking guitars, singing synthesizers, and a universe of strange sounds.

What do you feel or how do you feel?

“How do you feel?” (without further explanation) inquires about your general state of mindu2014about everything and nothing in particular; “What do you feel?” appears to me to be more of a medical or psychological question.

Do you feel like meaning?

‘ Feel like’ is an informal idiom that means to have a strong desire, desire, or inclination for something.

What does it feel like or how does it feel like?

“How does it feel like?” is incorrect; “how does it feel?” is correct depending on the context; the first is asking for a description; the second is asking for a simile but allows for some elaboration; the two are nearly interchangeable; however, “how does it feel?” does not allow for the word “like.”

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Do you feel like I do length?

” Do You Feel Like We Do ” is a song by Peter Frampton that first appeared on his Frampton’s Camel album, which was released in 1973.

” Do You Feel Like We Do “
Length 6:44
Label A&M
Songwriter(s) Peter Frampton Mick Gallagher Rick Wills John Siomos
Producer(s) Peter Frampton

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