What Does It Feel Like To Be High On Cocaine?

Cocaine alters how a person feels in their body in addition to how they feel mentally. The overall sensation of being stimulated is one of the physical consequences of cocaine. Cocaine usage may result in altered heart rhythms or breathing patterns, as well as profuse perspiration, extreme sensations of heat or cold, weakened muscular tone, and nausea.

How does cocaine make you feel?

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  • The Feeling of Being High When Using Cocaine The high that people get from cocaine is characterized by a highly unique and strong form of pleasure that is comparable to the high that people get from marijuana.
  • It gives you a satisfying feeling, which makes you want it more and more as time goes on.
  1. You fool yourself into thinking that you are better than other people and give off the air that you are superior to them.

What are the stages of being high on cocaine?

Cocaine use often begins with an extreme sensation of euphoria, which is rapidly followed by a sharp collapse. This cycle continues until the user is no longer high. People continue to use cocaine in spite of the harmful consequences it has on their bodies because they are unable to cease using cocaine on their own.

What are the effects of crack cocaine on the body?

  • It’s possible that you’ll sleep for days, feel dissatisfied with your life, be unable to enjoy pleasure, and even have thoughts of ending your own life.
  • The consequences of crack usage can also become more severe after a binge, which may include an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and damage to the brain system.
  • Use of any illicit substance, including crack cocaine, has a variety of unpredictable and unique effects on users:

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