What Does Sensory Overload Feel Like Autism?

A sensory overload occurs when one or more of our senses get overstimulated to the point that we may be unable to cope with the stimulation.This can happen to any or all of our senses.At this time, many autistic persons may have what is termed a meltdown or a shutdown.These terms describe extreme emotional reactions.These are strong stress responses, and they indicate that the individual may want to flee or hide from more sensory inputs.

Signs that your senses are being overloaded struggle to focus as a result of several conflicting sensory inputs. a high level of irritation. agitation and apprehension respectively. temptation to close your eyes or cover your ears in order to block out the sensory information.

What is autistic sensory overload?

Autism and an Overload of Sensory Information Autism is characterized by a heightened responsiveness to the environment in which a person lives.That, of course, means something different to each individual on the spectrum; however, in general, people with autism have’sensory’ systems that are unusually sensitive, which means that their senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste can all be easily triggered.This can be a challenge for them.

Are people with autism hypersensitive to stimuli?

Individuals with autism may not only be hypersensitive (overly receptive) to particular stimuli, but they may also be hyposensitive (lacking reactivity) and want stimulation. The five primary senses are not the only ones affected by sensory overload.

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