What Does The Presence Of God Feel Like?

  1. The presence of God can be sensed in a variety of different ways.
  2. If you’ve ever been in a room with a group of people who are praying, you know that there is often a sense that there is a larger, more reassuring presence present in addition to the presence of the individuals you are with at the time.
  3. As I mentioned earlier, there are occasions when you get the impression that the same presence is in the church.

What does God’s presence feel like?

God’s presence can be sensed in a variety of different ways. God’s presence might seem like “liquid love.”. It might feel like a lightness or delight in your heart. It might seem like a profound sensation of “knowing” something. It might also seem like strength to tackle obstacles. God’s presence might feel like something higher than yourself is at work in

Do we ever lose the sense of God’s presence?

It is possible for us to lose ″sense″ of God’s presence, even though we will never stop experiencing His actual presence in our lives. Every child of God will, at some point or another, unavoidably experience the sensation of being apart from God’s presence, much like a tenant whose parent has temporarily vacated the family home and gone away on business.

How does God’s presence fills heaven?

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  2. The heavens are filled with the presence of God.
  3. Heaven is filled to the brim with the incomprehensible and unending splendor, majesty, power, dominion, holiness, and love that He has.
  4. Heaven’s angels are filled with awe and reverence when they stand in His presence.
  5. They are filled with joy.
  • Also do Christians, from Adam and Eve all the way up to dearly loved ones who passed away not too long ago and are now with the Lord.
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What prevents us from being in the physical presence of God?

Since that time, our sinful nature has hindered us from being able to be in God’s actual presence ( Exodus 33:20 ). At this time, no one save God’s holy and spotless angels are allowed to physically be in his presence ( Luke 1:19 ).

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