What Does War Feel Like?

Conflict represents the ultimate contradiction. Exhilaration and a profound awareness of one’s place in the world come together with the horror, suffering, and bereavement that it brings. The documentary GOING TO WAR sheds light on this seeming contradiction and takes us further into the experience of becoming a soldier during times of conflict.

What is it like to be in a war?

When asked in its original form: ″What is it like to be in a war?″ I did two tours in Vietnam and then served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and I can tell you that war is hot/cold/wet/dry/snow/rain/long/short. Food and water are plentiful as long as you have a plentiful amount in your ruck sac, and you will never run out of ammunition as long as you carry enough.

How do Wars affect the soldiers life?

Wars not only have a physical impact on the lives of troops but also have significant psychological repercussions for those who serve in them.Wars have an effect not only on people’s lives but also on their mental states because of the way they affect people’s lives.How the Trauma of War Affects Soldiers It is necessary for the troops to physically harm or even murder the soldiers who are fighting against them on several occasions.

How do Wars affect people’s emotions?

Wars have an effect not only on people’s lives but also on their mental states because of the way they affect people’s lives.It is necessary for the troops to physically harm or even murder the soldiers who are fighting against them on several occasions.They are compelled by the circumstances to take the life of another person.They feel a great deal of regret as a result of this action of theirs.

Is taking part in war a good or bad experience?

My opinion is that being a part of a war is never a positive experience since it requires one to murder another human being, which is something that people are incapable of doing successfully by their very nature.The military training does, of course, serve to train the soldier to kill, but post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which affects many soldiers, is an occupational hazard that results from their experience of fighting and killing.

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How do soldiers feel in war?

They feel pride and patriotism mixed with humiliation, complicity, betrayal, and guilt; they seek raw retribution at times, while they wish they desired a nobler justice; and they feel pride and patriotism mixed with a longing for nobler justice. Soldiers are truly torn by the sensations of battle.

What does war sound like?

According to Todd Decker, who serves as the chair of music in the Arts and Sciences department at Washington University in St. Louis, ″the noises of modern battle include explosions, as well as the fire of automatic weapons, helicopters, and tanks.″ ″Of course, this is information that I do not have directly in my possession.

What exactly happens in war?

A state of war exists when there is a severe armed confrontation between two or more nations, governments, society, or paramilitary organizations like mercenaries, insurgents, or militias. In most cases, it is marked by excessive violence, aggressiveness, devastation, and death, and it involves the use of conventional or irregular armed troops.

Do people go crazy in war?

Acute behavioral disarray as a direct result of the stress of battle is referred to as combat stress response, or CSR for short. This word is used inside the military to characterize the condition. It is also known as ″war tiredness″ or ″battle neurosis,″ and it shares some similarities with the diagnostic of acute stress reaction that is used in civilian psychiatry.

Are soldiers scared during war?

A macho myth that you are not supposed to ever be scared during battle was debunked when it was found that up to 30 percent of soldiers reported feeling fear before and during combat. Although anticipation was the most common emotion felt by soldiers before combat, it was found that anticipation was the most common emotion felt before combat.

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Do soldiers fear death?

As a result of being exposed to actual danger and the fear of death while in combat, soldiers experience an overall shift in their level of death anxiety. This shift is caused by the fact that the fear is no longer caused solely by the anticipation of a potentially life-threatening circumstance or event.

Can you hear a black hole?

A study conducted by NASA/CXC/Columbia University/C. Hailey et al. People on Earth have been able to hear the sound of a black hole for the very first time in human history. The sound is a low-pitched moaning that sounds like a very creaky heavy door being opened again and again.

How do they know what a black hole sounds like?

The Chandra X-ray Observatory at NASA was able to ″hear″ a black hole in the Perseus galaxy cluster by detecting pressure waves that generate ripples in the cluster’s heated plasma. However, the pitch of the black hole’s ″hearing″ was much too low for human ears to be able to pick out the sound (no word on what Cylons might have been able to pick up).

Was there a union yell?

There are no audio recordings of the shout that date back to the time of the Civil War; however, there are audio snippets and video footage of soldiers doing the yell during reunions for other Civil War veterans that were held many years afterwards. It is not known where the cry came from originally.

What is not allowed in war?

The Geneva Protocol is a treaty that prohibits the use of chemical and biological weapons in international armed conflicts. Its full name is the Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare. It is more commonly referred to by its acronym, the Geneva Protocol.

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What are the 5 laws of war?

The fundamentals of the international law of war Humanity (also known as avoiding unnecessary suffering), distinction, proportionality, military necessity, and honor (also known as chivalry) are the five most commonly cited principles of international humanitarian law that govern the legal use of force in an armed conflict. Military necessity is one of these principles.

Can you shoot medics in war?

A violation of the Geneva Convention is committed when a soldier willfully fires on a medical worker who is clearly displaying identification.

How stressful is war?

One of the most typical responses to the mental and emotional strain that can emerge from risky and traumatic encounters is combat stress, which is sometimes referred to as battle weariness. After long and taxing procedures, it is a normal response for the body and mind to experience fatigue as a result of the strain placed on them.

Do soldiers feel guilty about killing?

She stated that many soldiers mentioned feeling remorse and shame over their experiences, while others felt numb after being exposed to so much killing and death in war.She also added that many veterans felt numb after being exposed to so much killing and death in combat.Many of those who had died in battle recounted coming face to face with a ″dark side″ of themselves that they had been unaware existed before to their experience.

What does war PTSD look like?

You may have strong emotional and physical reactions to reminders of the traumatic event, such as panic attacks, uncontrolled shaking, and heart palpitations.These emotions may be triggered by the memory of the event.An extreme avoidance of things that remind you of the traumatic incident, such as people, places, ideas, or circumstances that you identify with the negative recollections; an extreme avoidance of things that remind you of the traumatic event;

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