Why Do Menstrual Cramps Feel Like Contractions?

When you get your period, your uterus contracts to assist in the process of expelling its lining. The contractions of the uterine muscle are caused by hormone-like chemicals called prostaglandins, which are also implicated in pain and inflammation. Menstrual cramps tend to be more painful when there is a higher concentration of the hormone prostaglandin.

Do contractions feel like menstrual cramps?

In point of fact, a lot of women compare the contractions they feel in the early stages of labor to the cramping they experience during their periods. If the menstrual cramps you experience become so severe that they feel similar to labor contractions in their latter stages, you should make an appointment with a physician as soon as possible.

How do you know if you have cramps on your period?

It’s also possible that you’ll feel pressure or a constant dull aching in the region. It’s possible that the ache will spread to your lower back and your inner thighs. Cramps often start one or two days before your period and reach their height around twenty-four hours after your period begins. They usually last anywhere between two and three days.

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