Why Does It Feel Like My Phone Is Vibrating?

It has been discovered that if, like the majority of people, you sometimes experience what are known as ‘phantom vibrations,’ it is because you are a little bit crazy. You can also be experiencing something known in the scientific community as ″sensory hallucinations.″

Why do I keep hearing a phone vibrating?

Don’t worry; you’re not losing your mind in any way. It is really rather common to believe that you can feel your phone vibrating even when it is not actively doing anything. A research that was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior found that around one in every two weeks, approximately 89 percent of participants experienced ″phantom vibrations″ from their phones.

What is the phantom vibrate?

Since the invention of mobile phones, people have been subject to a phenomena known as phantom vibration, in which they believe their phone is vibrating when in fact it is not.And around five years ago, as its wider existence became apparent, news organizations, including ours, began covering the’syndrome’ as a symbol of the digital incursion in our lives.This was a reflection of how much our lives had been changed by technology.

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